Maintaining a sparkly clean hot tub is essentially the most continuous duty for all hot tub owners. A large number of the people who purchase a hot Tub overlook the cleaning guidelines that come along with it. It would be best to clean the Hot Tub regularly to eliminate the chances of health issues resulting from dirty hot Tubs. Dirty Hot Tubs can cause skin rashes, and you can also carry microorganisms into your lungs while breathing in the steam.

It does not require a lot of time and effort to keep a Hot Tub clean. The key actions that ensure the Hot tub remain clean include:

  • Regularly changing the water.
  • Guaranteeing a healthy balance of chemicals.
  • Seasonal handwashing.
  • Cleaning all components of the Hot Tub. 

Purchasing a chemical starter kit is the first thing that all Hot Tub owners should do. The chemicals play a crucial role in sanitizing the water, preventing bacteria and germs from multiplying in the tub. Furthermore, the chemicals ensure that the water remains clean over a long time. There are various chemicals which Chlorine, bromine, mineral sanitizers, among others. Chlorine is the most popular and commonly used water sanitizer. You can either purchase chlorine tablets and granules to purify the Hot Tub water. The appropriate water harmony is achieved to maintain clean water whenever the right water care basics are followed.

Changing the Hot Tub water every three to four months, irrespective of how well you conserve the water, keeps Hot Tubs clean. You are recommended to change the water because the warm temperatures, the exposure to carbon-based compounds and dirt make the water unclean. Nevertheless, the people who do not use the Hot Tubs Frequently may stay a little longer before changing the water.

It is advised to hand clean the Hot Tub seasonally. This involves the typical scrubbing to eliminate stains, scum, and dirt that people leave behind. Use cleaning agents and chemicals to ensure that the Tub remains sparkly clean and free from undesired bacteria. Scrub the interior surface to eliminate all dissolved objects that might have built up in the Hot Tub. Drain the Tub Regularly and brush the inner surface to get rid of calcium remains and algae buildup. Do not use rough cleaning objects to avoid damaging the grout.

A complete cleaning process involves cleaning the Hot Tub first, then the filter, the cover, and the shell. Many covers come with cleaning guidelines, and in case you are not provided with the guidelines, scrub it with clean hot Tub Water. Carefully follow the user guidelines given in the manual regarding the types of cleaners and other specific instructions for your Hot Tub model. Do not experiment with a bleaching agent or any new chemicals if not precisely instructed.

To clean a hot Tub filter, you are just required to remove it and spray with a hosepipe. The filter should be rinsed well to get rid of all dirt. Besides, you are advised to soak the hot Tub Filter in a container of warm water mixed with cleaning agents. The dirt from the filter begins to float on the warm water. After 2 hours, you are supposed to rinse it thoroughly for the second time. It is necessary to clean the filter frequently to extend the Hot Tub’s life.

It is advisable to wash the Hot Tub cover using a Vinyl cleaner and a soft cloth. The Vinyl Cleaner is for washing the outer surface of the cover. The interior and the bottom parts of the cover are cleaned by spraying with a garden pipe.

A Hot Tub shell should be drained and cleaned after three months. Washing the surfaces of the cover is accessible regardless of the material used to make it. Non-porous surfaces neither dirt nor germs penetrate it. When cleaning the cover, you should disconnect the power cable. It is advisable to use a damp sponge and a mild bathroom cleaner to wipe the bottom part of the shell. Bleaching and harsh cleaners should never have been used when cleaning the shell. After cleaning, refill the Hot tub with filtered water to avoid accumulating materials that can block the Tub Jets and Heater.

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