Hot tubs have in recent years become popular body relaxers and stress relievers. Not only do they embellish your home environment, but they also serve as convenient places for family and friends to link up. However, to achieve the maximum fun given by hot tabs, you need to maintain them appropriately. This statement provokes the question; what are the recommended hot tub maintenance methods? Below are some of the most effective hot tub maintenance methods.

Before you continue, we would like to mention this information has been sourced from web research, and the writer is not a hot tub expert. Therefore, it is vital to seek a doctor’s or expert’s advice before putting the article’s information into practice.

One of the most effective hot tub maintenance methods is sanitization with Chlorine or bromine. This hot tub maintenance method is meant to keep off germs that would otherwise cause infections to hot tub users. In case you decide to use Chlorine, then it is recommended that you keep the level between 2 and 5 parts per million (ppm), and if it is bromine, it is advisable to maintain a 3-5 ppm. (Remember always to seek an expert’s direction on this).

Regular, thorough cleaning of your hot tub is another highly recommended hot tub maintenance method. As a hot tab maintenance method, regular cleaning is essential as it removes any impurities that may have buildup over time. It is recommended that the cleaning be done on a monthly basis and with strict adherence to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. This hot tub maintenance method makes the hot tub clean and makes it safe for use.

One of the surest hot tab maintenance methods is to have it frequently checked by professionals. This checkup pertains to the hot tub water and equipment and ensures that the hot tub is in good working condition and safe for use. It is always recommended to have experts do this task for you since they can carry out a more advanced test to access any wiring or hardware issues. You can also carry a simple checkup by yourself by listening to whether the filtration systems and pumps are running before entering the hot tub. 

Keeping the hot tub water at a pH between 7.2 and 7.8 is a hot tab maintenance method aimed at protecting the user's eyes and skin. Maintaining the PH at this range ensures the hot tub water is free from infections that might otherwise irritate the skin or the eye. In case your hot tub pH is extremely low or high, you can always use a pH reducer or increaser to either reduce on the increase it. Note, seeking an expert’s advice on this is very important.

Covering your hot tub when not in use is another hot tub maintenance method that works perfectly. This not only prevents accidents resulting from tripping and falling into the tab but also locks out debris and dirt from entering into the tab. It is also recommended to fence and gate the hot tub area as a way of locking children and unauthorized personnel out in your absence. It is advisable that you always clean the hot tub cover during your regular hot tub cleaning routine.

The hot tub surroundings should be kept sparkling clean. This hot tab maintenance method is especially recommended in situations where a group of people uses your hot tub. It is essential as it ensures that the hot tub is clean from debris and that infections cannot be transferred from one hot tub user to another. 

Keeping the hot tub water at the right temperature is another hot tub maintenance method that targets the welfare of the users. This hot tub maintenance method recommends that the hot tub water temperature should be kept a range between 100 °F (38 °C) and 104 °F (40 °C). For children not less than 10 years old, the temperature should not go beyond 98 °F (37 °C) whereas that of expectant mothers should be 102 °F (39 °C) at most. It is also advisable that pregnant women don’t stay in the hot tub for a period exceeding 10 minutes. Observing these temperature ranges keeps the hot tub users safe and ensures the hot tub equipment is in proper working condition. However, remember to seek a doctor’s advice before subjecting yourself to any hot tub water temperatures.

Properly shower with soap before entering the hot tub. This is a hot tub maintenance method intended to do away with sweat and common skin bacteria. It is essential as it helps get rid of any creams, lotions, or deodorants that might otherwise tamper with the effectiveness of the hot tub filter efficiency and disinfectant.

This article is not written not from an experts’ point of view and is purposely for general information on hot tubs. It is therefore recommended to always seek expert advice before practically undertaking anything written in this article. 

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